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The interest in commercial use of wild animals is increasing, especially regarding raising of capybaras.

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Although this wild species is potentially lucrative for the production of meat, oil and leather, it is suggested as a probable reservoir of leptospires.) from commercial and experimental breeding flocks located in São Paulo state, Paraná state, and Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil.

Lipopolysaccharide Epitopest - NCBI

Anti-leptospirosis agglutinins in Brazilian capybaras Hydrochoerus.

Samples were obtained through cephalic or femoral venipunction (5 to 10 m L).

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Microscopic agglutination test was used according to the Brazilian Health Ministry considering as cut-off titer of 100.Relato de caso de artrogripose em caprino - Ars Veterinaria

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