Cobra 29 ltd owner manual

Cobra 2000, 142, 29, 25 Ect Uniden Radio

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GXT1000 Owner's - Midland Radio

Would need to know the mic wire code you going to use. 1 is wire with no cover 2 is with cover rapped round wire RX is received TX is transmit, hope this helps. Now if the SWR is hher on channel 1 then channel 40 your antenna is too short. If the SWR is longer on channel 40 then on channel 1, then the antenna is too long, you need to make it shorter.

GXT1000 <b>Owner</b>'s - Midland Radio

Cobra 29 CLASSIC CB Radio - Walcott Radio

But half moon cut out at top as you look at it is top left 1-4 next row left side 2-3. newer mic have different code wires so check with meter, red green and blue and shield is on some of the new wiring. Make heht adjustments about an eht inch at a time, and take reading each the SWR is snificantly lower and the reading on channel 1 and 40 are about the same, you a about matched. If you hear a hiss then check to see that your antenna is attached properly and that the antenna is matched to the radio . Check to see that the antenna is grounded properly also . You would need to take the radio to a qualified repair person, i.e., a CB repair shop If the radio power output is 4-watts or less, as measured by an accurate wattmeter connected to a dummy load, then there is no need (from a legal perspective) for reducing it.

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First, make sure that the CAL/SWR/RF switch is set to CAL. At this point turn the radio to the center of the band, channel 20 and take an SWR reading. Turn the squelch to the left all the way and the RF gain all the way to the rht. SAMS Photofacts CB Radio Repair Index List - CBC

Cobra 29 ltd owner manual:

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