Invisible fence user manual

PetSafe P00-13661 Manual pdf. PetSafe® In-Ground Fence.

You will need the flags to begin training your dog as well.

Stay + play wireless fence - PetSafe

If you wish to adjust the boundary area, you can either adjust the size of the area by adjusting the boundary dial up or down or you can adjust the location of the boundary area by moving the transmitter within your home.

Stay + play wireless <b>fence</b> - PetSafe

Dog Fence FAQs - The Invisible Fence® Brand

To replace the battery, use a coin or the flat side of the test lht tool.

User's Guide - Contentful

Insert the coin or test lht tool into the top of the battery and twist the cap to the "off" position.Owner's Guide - Dog Fence DIY

Invisible fence user manual:

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