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Within each jurisdiction, a comprehensive, co-ordinated strategy is needed to address the problem of domestic violence and the factors that contribute to it.

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Such co-ordination needs to occur across policy sectors (social, justice, education and health) and at all levels within each jurisdiction: at the provincial level (to establish a policy framework); at the local community level (to co-ordinate services and to identify needs, gaps and solutions); and at the individual level (to provide effective case management and conferencing mechanisms).

Chapter 10 - Models of cross-sector collaboration - Making the Links.

Chapter 10 - Models of cross-sector collaboration - Making the Links.

While this report is focused on cross-sector collaboration within the justice system, notably among the family, child protection and criminal justice sectors, this last chapter briefly examines some of the challenges to a broader collaborative approach to family violence as well as some promising practices in this area.

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Cross-sector collaboration refers to the linking or sharing of policies, information, resources, activities and services by organizations in two or more sectors to jointly achieve an outcome that would not be accomplished by organizations in one sector separately.Metropolitan Police Service - MPS Publication Scheme - Our.

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